Free Banachek Download


Steve Shaw, AKA Banachek, has generously given back to the magic community by offering a free download for you to enjoy. If you like comedic mind reading with a bit of spittle, this should interest you:

Your audience will salivate with the newest mentalism routine from the creative mind of Banachek. Take your mentalism show to a whole new level. Shock the senses of your audience with a one of a kind effect that will long be remembered. Easy to do, easy to prepare, and big on impact. Plays to small groups or to full theater audiences. Use what they already have.. .saliva!

Effect: Two volunteers are asked to assist with an unusual experiment. One spectator is handed a brown paper bag (containing a prediction.) Multiple torn pieces of newspaper each containing different words and pictures are shown then dropped into a second bag. The performer shakes up the bag then asks the second spectator to spit into the paper sack. That’s right, SPIT into the bag. The volunteer obliges then the performer dumps the contents of the bag on the floor. That second spectator is asked to pick up the piece of newsprint that has some spittle on it and read the word covered in spit. One word can be made out that says, “SALE”. The first volunteer opens his bag and removes the one and only piece of paper there that says, “SALE”!

Get it here:

Tip o’ the hat to Anonymous for the heads up.


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