Wanna See Lindsay Lohan Nude?

It’s a slow news day – so wanna see everyone’s favorite freckled freak in the buff? Of course you do!

Direct from rehab, straight to your computer!

Here she is… Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe!

(Monroe just grunted from beneath the soil.)

All I’ve got to say is – Linds, do you really think this is going to help your career? Are you that keen for a part in Howard Stern’s “Porky’s” redo?

Weeksy Sez: I’ve gotta comment on this – probably the only film I’ve ever really considered L.L. to be smokin’ hot in was “Mean Girls” – but other than that, I never really rated her – and I’ve gotta tell ya, after seeing these pics, I consider those thoughts justified – wow, that’s not so good…

Yeah, I’m not feeling so good.

Tip o’ the hat to Clint Morris


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