Magicians Petition Youtube


There are tons of exposure magic videos appearing all over YouTube and other video-related sites. If you didn’t already know, then you are in the majority; magicians have been complaining about this since the beginning of them thar Internets and The Google.

There are two major problems in attacking exposure:

The first is that if any individual is interested enough in finding out something, they will find it. It’s just a matter of time. Their time. And if you care enough to take the time to find out about a little magic trick, then you deserve to be the owner if such knowledge. And who knows how many doors it may open to future budding magicians? However, the real truth (and YouTube won’t tell you this) is that magic is less about secrets and more about presentation. Any idiot can go into a magic shop or YouTube, learn a trick, and perform it. Whether it is entertaining in your hands to others or not is another matter entirely.

Secondly, magicians do not have the legal and monetary resources to stop the unethical exposers from their actions. None of the tricks out there are patented, except for some conceived and used by David Copperfield and less than a handful of others. And even in those cases, the patents themselves are still vulnerable to public viewing.

Now, I don’t want it to sound like I am taking the side of exposers; they are unethically stealing information and posting it on publicly viewed sites. In some cases, material from some pretty heavy hitters like Daniel Garcia, Justin Miller, Nate Kranzo, Wayne Houchin, and many others.

The only avenue available to magicians is to attack the unethical practices and hope that works. A group of magicians has petitioned YouTube and asked others for help in signing it. For more information and to view and sign the petition, go here:


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