Magic DVDs: One Trick Ponies?


All right.

I realize I’ve been out of the loop for more than a little while, but what is the deal with all these one-trick Magic DVDs lately? Are they all they’re cracked up to be, especially at the retail price of a regular, full-boar, balls-to-the-wall DVD?

One thing they do have is marketing, flash, and hype. In fact more so than other DVDs. Why? Because they need to make up for what they lack in content, generally speaking. Take, for example, Liquid. Here’s the hype:

Liquid has been in the workshop for years and is now ready for release, here’s what it looks like.

What it looks like, Spectator signs a completely free choice (no force), the card is then lost in the deck and handed to the spectator to hold and shuffle. A cocktail napkin is then borrowed and inspected along with a window. The window is then covered with the cocktail napkin and the cards are sprung at the window. All the cards fall and the shadow of one card is seen behind the napkin, the napkin is ripped and revealed to show the signed card, which is then surgically pulled back through the window and handed to the spectator to keep.

An effect by Taylor Lewis with the help of David Mann SHATTERS what you know about card through windows

-No setup at all required to the window

-Can be performed on ANY glass surface with no prep, (vending machine, airplane…..yes anywhere), just have your gimmick and your ready

-Card is signed, everything can be inspected and even borrowed

Includes 4 Variations:

-Magician pulls card back through same side or spectator pulls card back through same side ( with no clue to the workings of the effect)

-Take your specs around the window and show them that the card is stuck in the middle of the glass, spectators on both sides of the window can see and feel that the card is in the middle, then the magician or spectator removes it from the opposite side of the glass themselves.

-Perform the window variation then go straight to a table and with no gimmick have the card slowly melt through the glass table right into their hands.

Bonus Effect Target by Eric Simmatis

Get a card selected and signed, then draw a target on a transparent window. Throw the cards at the window and behind the center of the target is the selected signed playing card! Now take a napkin and wipe the target, the card will wipe away leaving the target!

Shit, that sounds good. Sounds too good. Too good to be true, as a matter of fact. I recently had the opportunity to take an advanced look at this DVD, and I cannot tell you how disappointed I was. First off, the content itself is a joke. Had I the opportunity to see the video clip that now accompanies the product’s description just about everywhere, I would have told the powers that be to forget sending it to me.

What’s that? You wanna see the video? No problem:

Click me, bitches!

Secondly, whenever you see a quote from someone you’ve never heard of before, your antennae should stand at full mast:

“The most visually insane card through window I’ve seen” — Jacob Hatfield

And third, common sense should always tell you that whenever something reads and/or soundsĀ  too good to be true, it more than likely is.

And finally, when a single effect DVD is asking you to shell out $35.00 or more, run for the hills and don’t look back!

Save your money on this and every single one of those horrendous WHO’S Magic DVDs (whose title makes just about as much sense as each DVD does).

Books are still where it’s at, kids, so crack one open and expand your noggin once in a while…


One Response to “Magic DVDs: One Trick Ponies?”

  1. Man, that’s too bad. I wish I would have read your review before I ordered it.

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