Like a Phoenix…


Could it be?

After 2 years of recovery and living in absolute anonymity, I am happy to announce: I AM BACK!

However, I need to warn all of you: when and only WHEN the movement hits, of the bowel or other variety, I will share it here, without any need to report to a set schedule. If you can live with that, I’m happy to have you aboard.

No one is safe. Watch your ass…


4 Responses to “Like a Phoenix…”

  1. Hi, Magic Mafia. I’m a big fan of your old blog and am happy you have made your new home here at wordpress.

  2. Oh fuck yeah, motherfucker!

    Excuse the outburst. Glad to see you back! It’s about time! Be talking to you soon.


  3. hey! im giving away things in my magic photo competition! 24 wynn casino sealed decks 🙂

    check it out!

  4. I was a regular reader of your old blog — great to see you posting again.

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